To creating an including and dreamy atmosphere that brings people together and sparks new friendships at one of Norways largest music festivals. 
Taking an area not previously used and giving it a new purpose; an area close to all the stages, where the guests can relax, have fun and create (insta)memories in between the concerts. This was done by using installations, games, decoration and interactive solutions in the Camping stage area as well as spread out on the rest of the arena. 

Where and when:
Slottsfjell music festival, Tønsberg, Norway.
July 12-15th 2017

Project manager: Eirin Sandstad
Designer: Karoline Øien Andersen

A majority of the photos below were found on Instagram (thank you!), in addition photo credits to:
Christian Roth Christensen
Helge Brekke
Christian Hassum
Jonas Selim
Jonathan Vivaas Kise

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